Wellsburg Public Library

posted on October 27, 2015 by Craig Schwerdtfeger in Government

The library for Wellsburg started out with the design criteria of fitting on and reusing existing footings from a building that was to be demolished.  Upon further investigation, the existing conditions were determined not to be suitable for the new building so all of the existing structure was demolished.  A new library was designed to fit on this limited Downtown Main Street site. 

The building design incorporated a center-vaulted ceiling that ran from front to back, having large peaked floor to ceiling glass at each end.  In the center of the library space was a curved reception desk with direct views over the entire library, as well as a floor to ceiling curved glass window overlooking a green area outside.  An open reading and gathering area was placed in front of this window, with a slightly more private adult reading area nestled in a corner with a fireplace and casual seating.  A separate children’s area was also created within the library space with smaller sized furniture and smaller stacks for books. 

A full-sized community room, kitchen, and a tornado shelter were incorporated into the design and helped to diversify its utilization by the entire Wellsburg community. 

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