Cedar Falls Public Library

posted on October 27, 2015 in Government

The public library for Cedar Falls was completed to rave reviews from local residents and the statewide library community. This 42,000 square foot library with an attached 9,000 square foot community center is a focal point for the downtown district. The building is highly technology oriented, using automated checkout systems, and high-speed Internet access with self-service reservation and printer management as well as an integrated OPAC access.

Brick, stone and terracotta blend the building to the downtown context. Details throughout the library in cabinetry, furniture, finishes and signage give the library a warm, comfortable feeling of home, turning it from an archive of books into a true destination for all library users.

As a major aspect of the fund-raising included the “public purchasing” of exterior detail stonework. Made to resemble book spines with famous titles, donors were able to specify their favorite book titles engraved on the stones as part of their donation package. Names of sponsors are also prominently featured within the library on a custom designed signage.

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