Waterloo Fred Becker Elementary

posted on October 26, 2015 by Daniel Channer in Education

Based on a prototype design initially completed for Kittrell Elementary, this new school was built to house 450 students and serve grades PreK-5. The building comes alive through style, finish, pattern, and color changes and offers a vibrant and exciting learning environment.

The design of the facility incorporates classroom wings that radiate off a central core of common areas, which helps the building offer smaller environments for grade levels. The building features a raised level multi-purpose area that opens to the gymnasium and serves as a performing area when not serving as the student commons and cafeteria. 

Each of the classroom wings serves two grade levels and incorporates a 1000 SF shared resource area for each grade.  Each wing then groups two resource areas together to provide flexibility in the way staff can use the space, whether its is for small groups, project teams or group activities with two or three classes together.

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