Ankeny Rock Creek Elementary

posted on October 26, 2015 in Education

Patterned off of the successful prototype StruXture originally created for the District’s new elementary schools, this four-section building is modified to house five-sections of kindergarten and four sections of preschool and other grades. The building, built for a student population of over 740, uses cluster groupings of classrooms in order to manage the relative size of the student body and make the building seem smaller to those young learners.
In serving the District’s curriculum delivery approach, the classrooms are clustered around a shared collaborative learning space that can act in many capacities. The learning space functions for pull out space needed in the curriculum delivery, but also serves as project area, individual learning center, or just additional classroom when needed. Flexibility and visibility of this space allow it to be used at will, with no reconfiguration or extra supervision necessary.
The building utilizes a geothermal coupled variable refrigerant mechanical system along with advanced lighting controls, and daylighting and is modeled to save the District over 67% in energy costs over a similar buildings built to code level requirements. It was ultimately awarded a $235,000 energy rebate from its regional power utility.

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