Cedar Falls LEED Corporate Office

posted on October 27, 2015 by Daniel Channer in Commercial

Tucked away among the trees of a narrow valley outside of Cedar Falls, Iowa, this state-of-the-art corporate headquarters offers its employees a healthy and positive indoor work environment without compromising the natural wooded surroundings.

The facility was designed with a holistic approach to the modern work place by providing a daycare for staff children, a fitness center with the latest cardio and weight equipment and a cafeteria which can provide healthy meals to the employees. Overall, the well being of the employees and the desire to reduce the environmental impact the company has on the environment were the major design criteria for the new building.

The exterior massing of the building contains high-efficiency reflective green glass skin, which reflects the natural wooded environment that surrounds it.  Granite flooring and wall panels highlight the day lit lobby space in conjunction with sustainable bamboo paneling. Limestone and bamboo wall panels along with bamboo flooring identify the main circulation path. Extensive daylight harvesting, geothermal systems as well as wetlands used for sanitary systems helped this project receive a LEED Gold certification. 

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